Dentures vs Implants: When you are missing teeth, dentures and implants are two of the main options that dentists will typically recommend. But which option is best for you? Continue reading to find out!



Dentures get a bad rep. Often, they are associated in some comedic way,  like “grandma’s” teeth falling out as she eats her meal. However dentures have made huge improvements over the years.


Dentures are molded to fit your mouth, and stay in place with an adhesive. No matter how good dentures are, they still will not feel like your normal teeth. Perhaps the biggest benefit to dentures is the flexibility they provide. People enjoy being able to take them in and out as needed.


Dentures are a great option for those whose jaw may be too weak to support implants, and dentures are typically cheaper than implants.


We stress quality at French Family Dentistry, and we aim to give you the highest quality, comfort, and fit when it comes to dentures. You can expect your dentures to last around 5 years.



Implants consist of a titanium post covered by a crown or an overdentures. The post is connected into  your jawbone, promoting jaw strength, and giving you an option that feels like real teeth! Because implants are connected to your jaw, you do not have to worry about slippage. In fact, implants make chewing, talking, smiling, and other activities much easier than traditional dentures. Implants also should last a lifetime, making them a great long term solution.


Implants are more expensive than dentures, but provide a much greater natural feeling in your mouth, and last much longer.


Which option is right for you?

When deciding between implants or dentures, it comes down to your lifestyle, health, and budget. We want to help you in any way as you make this decision. Please click below to schedule a consultation with us, or give us a call!