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At French Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality dental care in the Wilminton area in a comfortable, convenient, and caring atmosphere. Our mission is to provide you and your family with excellent dental care that will result in healthy, beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime. We take time to listen and understand you, and we promise to explain all procedures and options to your satisfaction. We are on a mission to be the highest rated denist in Wilmington- book an appointment by clicking the button below to receive the dental care you’ve been searching for.
Our dental team sims to give you the highest professionalism, care, and comfort with each and every visit.

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The world of dentistry has changed drastically over the last several years. We aim to be the only dentist in Wilmington that provides so many great services at such great quality. Our patients can benefit from many technological advantages that have improved during that time. French Family Dentistry provides a wide array of dental services to improve your smile and oral health.
Tooth Colored Fillings
Porcelain Veneers
Composite Bonding
Root Canal Treatment
Gum Disease Therapy
And More…
Sealant Protection
Patient Education System
Professional Fluoride Treatments
Night or Bite Guards
Diagnostic Cavity Detection
Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Braces for Adults
Porcelain Crowns & Inlays
Tooth Shaping
In House Implants
Beverage Center
Anesthetic Reversal
Nitrous Oxide
Cleansing & Flouride Treatments
Oral Health Exams
Cavity Repair
Injury Repair
Conveniently located on Gordon Road a half mile off of Market Street.

Dentures vs. Implants

Dentures vs Implants: When you are missing teeth, dentures and implants are two of the main options that dentists will typically recommend. But which option is best for you? Continue reading to find out!

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Clear Correct: Your Easy Path to a Straighter Smile!

Tell me if this sounds like you.
You’re an adult, with a job and a family and everything else, and you’re pretty happy with your life, except for one thing: your smile. You see, your teeth have always been crooked, crowded, or gapped, and you’ve wanted to do something about them for years. The problem is that the absolute LAST thing you want to do is bring even MORE attention…

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4 Benefits of CEREC

For people suffering from a fractured or missing teeth, crowns have been a great option for many years. However, the process of producing crowns used to take many weeks, and were left with crowns that did not perform well.

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